Monday, September 14, 2009

A Nor' E-mailster?

Not sure if that nickname will catch but...


Mayoral hopeful Michael F. Flaherty is accusing the Menino administration of a cover-up after the mayor’s top aide admitted deleting public e-mails even as the FBI subpoenaed his documents - a bombshell that has all three challengers calling for a criminal probe.

“They’ve been operating under a system they know violates the law,” said Flaherty, a city councilor at-large, who alleges the mass deletion of e-mails by Michael Kineavy potentially destroyed evidence in the public corruption probe against former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson last year.

Flaherty is planning to ask state Attorney General Martha Coakley and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley to probe the missing documents. Forging a rare unified front, fellow mayoral hopefuls Sam Yoon and Kevin McCrea asked to join Flaherty at a press conference scheduled for today.

“If you’re deleting e-mails methodically . . . you have something to hide,” said Yoon, councilor-at-large.

The Boston Globe requested six months of Kineavy’s e-mails starting Oct. 1, 2008 - but received just 18 messages and an admission that Kineavy was routinely deleting public e-mails potentially in violation of open records laws, the paper reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, our very own e-maelstrom crime camera civil suit begins today. First, Judge Ledet will have do deny one of the more hilariously written change-of-venue motions I've seen during my inconsequential career as someone who reads the news.

"It is indeed a rare and tragic occasion when a litigant must state that the tide of public opinion in his home parish has so turned against him that he cannot seek refuge in the hallowed halls of justice in that parish."


Smith said Meffert's shot at a fair trial has been compromised by media coverage, specifically two years' worth of Times-Picayune articles about gratuities Meffert collected from city vendor Mark St. Pierre -- including access to a boat, a corporate credit card and exotic vacations for himself, his family and the family of his boss, Mayor Ray Nagin.

He even contends that future jurors have been prejudiced by the newspaper's coverage of Smith's own statement in open court that Meffert is a target of a federal criminal investigation.

He cited comments posted by readers on the paper's affiliated Web site,, to argue that potential jurors have already formed an opinion against his client.

Someone should really live-blog this trial. Someone really should hire me to live-blog this trial.


Anonymous said...

Yes, why isn't anyone live blogging the crime camera trial?

mominem said...

Most courts don't allow it. I don't know about Civil Court here.

E said...

mmm i'm not sure. I think it is always up to the Judge, no?

I just want to report and comment upon what happens on open court.

Anonymous said...
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