Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Leadership for a change?

When I think about State Senator and Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray, the first things that comes to mind are Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Voting to facilitate the relocation of the Hornets to New Orleans is just like leading Civil Rights movement, averting the Cuban missile crisis, or navigating the Great Depression!

In all seriousness, this is well-produced opening ad for man with no name recognition, no charisma, and without a particularly exciting record of accomplishment.

I think that his slogan, "Leadership for a change," is excellent. His new logo is also pretty fresh.

And he's launched a website.

The ad above will run for three weeks and cost $100,000 by itself.

So Ed Murray is really running for Mayor.

A few weeks ago, the first batch of campaign finance filings were reported on by the T-P. Murray had $131,600 as of the end of July.

Murray's fundraising either accelerated like crazy in August or he's making a big bet that it will soon.

Hat tip to Papa Bear for tracking down Murray's video so quickly.


jeffrey said...

Gill says he's getting some high caliber coaching as well

YatPundit said...

OK, so Ed's in this for the long haul? Excellent, who do we contact to help on the social media front, as well as places like actblue and dailykos? Murray is a candidate I can put my money and mouth behind.

E said...

I'd hold off a little bit YP. Shouldn't candidates articulate their vision for the city and explain their policy positions before we decide who to support?

Papa Bear said...

Sadly, ActBlue does not do all municipal races yet.

Anonymous said...

The spot is attractve but without substance. At no point does Murray explicitly state his stance on major issues.

We already have profound disconnect with political leaders who, behind closed doors have been "making things happen," supporting "a diverse roster of causes" and claiming to address "blight."

Where does Murray stand on municipal transparency, public-private partnerships, expropriation, the Master Plan, and the accountable use of recovery funds? Where does he stand on anything?

MAD said...

Murray has aligned himself with former Mayor Barthelemy, former Sen. Hank Braden and other tired old pols who ran this city's politics into the ground in the late 80s and early 90s. He is a breath of stale air.

AVT said...

Wow, guess that $100k couldn't get the real Morgan Freeman for the voice-over.

Honestly, this spot is well-shot, but trite and vague. And jesus, I know JFK and MLK are the classics, but they've both been dead 40 years. How about some updated references for the old man? I guess he's trying to hit that demographic, but it says 0 to me.

Red said...

the Black Vincent Price voice over and prozac glaze in Ed's eyes was underwhelming. And ENOUGH! with the 'I'm with MLK and JFK' - you can't borrow substance. Tell us what you stand for, what are you going to fight for. Let your platform speak for you. Honestly, he just blew his 100K wad prematurely.

E said...

I'm with Red, AVT, and Anon.

Civitch said...

It's not quite in the same league, but Murray's self-comparison to JFK and MLK automatically brought to mind Kimberly Williamson Butler's fresh-from-the-pokey speech in which she compared herself to Mahatma Gandhi, MLK, Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.

And Papa Bear, Murray made his position on the Master Plan perfectly clear when, at the behest of politically connected developers, he authored and pushed a bill whose goal was clearly to destroy the MP. But he failed, and he lost political capital in the process.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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