Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karen Carter Peterson says no

Maybe I should change my running Mayoral odds segment from Race to the Punchline to Race from the Punchline. Maybe the bets should be for the next person to declare they're NOT running.

Yeeesh. This looks like a school board race more than it does one for the highest office in town.

Karen Carter Peterson would have been the front-runner but there are a lot of tough choices involved beyond your own electoral consideration.

Karen Carter Peterson's younger sister, Tara Carter Hernandez gets a lot of contract work through the city and would have had to quit all that if KCP won. That's not the case if Karen Carter Peterson successfully takes Congressman Cao's title, which is the job she's probably wanted all along anyway.

So with Arnie Fielkow, Mitch Landrieu, and Karen Carter Peterson bowing out, megatrillionaire John Georges looks increasingly tough to beat.

There's a lot more to elections than street money but when you're going up against a bunch of no names, being able to erect lots of big billboards and pay a bunch of sign-wavers might be enough to win.

Until someone else gets in the race or one of the other declared candidates can show they have a snowball's chance; we might be talking about Mayor Georges next year.


jeffrey said...

No. Way.

Georges may have all the money in the world but it won't make him mayor.

jeffrey said...

The front-runner is Badon. If the field remains this bland, he's the winner.

Anonymous said...

did you notice that Georges was recently appointed to the "N.O. Hospital District" board?

Leigh C. said...

There were many more people interested in running for the school board than in running for mayor. Perhaps something to do with the ratio of public exposure to actual power one is able to wield?

I think this calls for a constitutional monarchy-type situation with a figurehead mayor.

jeffrey said...

Leigh says,

"I think this calls for a constitutional monarchy-type situation with a figurehead mayor."

Isn't that what we have now?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't/didn't the Georges family own property within the LSU/VA footprint?

E said...

Take it for what it's worth:

Georges has recently stated a new-found support for the RMJM plan to gut and rebuild Charity Hospital. He had previously supported the LSU/VA but now says he's been convinced and has changed his mind.

jeffrey said...

That fits.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves correctly, Georges' family may have lived in Lower Mid-City. If there is Georges property in the area, it may be inherited.

adrastos said...

The next Mayor will be African-American. The numbers are back to their pre-K split. I just don't know who the hell it will be.