Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are we done with Joe Wilson now finally?

House approves motion to disapprove.

I think that Congressman should be held accountable by their colleagues for violating Congressional rules of decorum. I think that's fair.

I think the way this was pursued was petty and counterproductive.

Basically, House Democrats witnessed one of the greatest speeches of the last twenty years, one that stated eloquently the financial and moral imperatives for healthcare reform, one that took back the reigns of the debate in stunning fashion.

They responded by focusing singularly on a sensational outburst of an uninformed no-name goofball and instead we're pretty much back where we started.

We almost were about to have a national conversation about the best way to reform healthcare.


The House could have gone about censuring Congressman Wilson in a classier way. One would have been to just quietly hold the guy accountable for the breach of decorum the very next day without all the cable news grandstanding. The other would have been to have waited until near the end of the session after the sensationalism of the moment had passed.

In related news, Congressman Cao was one of seven Republicans to cross over and vote for the motion to disapprove Congressman Wilson. A number of progressive Democrats voted against the motion or as present, which I think is very interesting and maybe even admirable.


jeffrey said...


Except I think the best course would have been to ignore Wilson altogether.

James H said...

Well I don't agree with you on the sppech but you bring up a interesting point. I am not a cynical person but parts of me thinks this was all plnned in a sly move.