Tuesday, August 04, 2009


1. We know that all the work LTC did for the city technology office has been subpoenaed by the Feds.

2. We know that the city fired LTC and hired "SunBlock" to do the same work in a less public way.

Question: Aren't the Feds just going to immediately subpoena whatever it is that SunBlock produces?


Clifton said...

Here's a question I need someone to answer for me. Why don't the feds just get a subpoena to take the entire server and do their own data extraction? Is it normal for the feds to let someone they are building a case on hire private firms to retrieve information? To me this says they are still looking for a smoking gun to make a case with. In the meantime we keep spending city money for all of this.

Dambala said...

that's a really good frikkin' question. I'm really lost as an easter egg on this.