Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dude, Where's My Ordinance?


I listened live to Council testimony as DA Cannizzaro made the pitch for moving simple marijuana possession arrests out of the criminal court system. He was off-the-agenda a little bit so the matter will go before the criminal justice committee next week some time I think.

Councilman Carter asked Mr. Cannizzaro to advise him on the language necessary for a draft ordinance.

That sounds pretty damn promising if you ask me.

Why was this so impossible to do for so many years?


It look like the judges in criminal court might be stuck in the past in this one. I hope they won't obstruct this important reform.

I'm not sure what their logic is.

I would hope that a City Council ordinance mandating that possession cases be tried in municipal court could pass unanimously.


Superdeformed said...

Because the NOPD likes to make pointless arrests?

Anonymous said...

So the D.A. said, "Let's be blunt," and Midura seconded the motion.

E said...


jeffrey said...

I'm glad the DA is trying this. At the same time, I don't expect anything to happen. You ask about the judges' logic. None of it has anything to do with logic. It's all a combination of politics and inertia... as is most of the shit we ever talk about.

Damian said...

From what the DA said, this plan would reduce the criminal court's case load by 700 cases (out of 2100 pending). A good friend of mine is a former ADA for the New Orleans DA's office, and I can tell you: that will make a difference in prosecutions across the board. The amount of resources our district attorney's office spends on locking up simple possession offenders is immense.

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