Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Deputy Mayors?

Ariella Cohen wrote a great piece for Next American City about Mayor Nagin's horizontal chain of command in comparison to the efficient recent reforms undertaken in places like . . . Philadelphia!

Check it out.

One issue that nobody really talks about is governance reform. "Transparency" and open data is one thing, but examining the effectiveness of institutions from a structural standpoint is something else entirely.

I think our next Mayor would be wise to examine some of these kinds of executive branch reforms because they can be implemented starting on day one.

Slightly related, I would also love to hear a discussion between candidates for Mayor and Council about whether it would be worthwhile to expand the number of district seats to make the body more representative.


Jeffrey said...

Awesome article Ariella wrote. Love the idea of Deputy Mayors and Office of Sustainability...

It's time I look at the Google Doc!

Anonymous said...

Two ideas:

1. City Manager (change to the charter needed);

2. A city property inventory system and yearly audit of all the 142+ independent entities within city government.

E said...

I don't know but I've always really hated the idea of a City Manager. I'll need to be sold on it. I think it's a big city bias on my part that's not necessarily informed. My perception has always been that city managers work in smaller towns and counties and not in proper cities. Can someone provide examples of big cities that use city manager systems effectively? What does it look like structurally? How does it operate practically?