Thursday, July 16, 2009


Melissa Harris Lacewell on Keith Olbermann last night:

The man Melissa Harris Lacewell says she's dating because of his strong character is a reference to one Mr. James Perry.

A Princeton prof?

That's a nice catch. Does MHL have tenure?

Are, um, you sharing benefits?


Hat tip to Ricardo for noticing this.


Update: Melissa Harris Lacewell has flagged on her facebook feed this article that calls her and James a "power couple."

I think that's a long ways away.


Update II: Looks like James Perry has a new website almost ready to go.


Clifton said...

I wish James had the same energy she does when speaking.

E.J. said...

Yeah, she is obviously on a euphoric love high. LOL

AVT said...

TMI from harris-lacewell. Never mix personal with political. Ask Sanford. Or Ensign. Or Craig. Or Earl Long...

jeffrey said...

Yes I can see it now. They'll be the new Michelle Miller and Marc Morial.

Delta said...

Which "peak" would he like us to take? Mt Rainier? Mt Hood?

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