Thursday, July 09, 2009

Quick Hits

I'm back in New Orleans after some R&R with friends and family in Philadelphia.

My glasses fogged up for ten minutes after I exited baggage claim into the night.


1. Mitch Landrieu says he's not running for Mayor.

Interesting but not all-together unsurprising. He said in a recent WBOK interview that he was going to give it some thought at the end of the legislative session. There was significant downside to running for Mayor. If he lost again this time - that might be the end of the road for him politically. It's not as if the last race was a particularly good experience. Plus being Mayor of New Orleans has got to be one of the most impossible jobs in the country right now.

This does, however, give us an opportunity to start thinking more seriously about rumors he was angling for a federal appointment of some sort.

2. Revenge vandalism at Mark Lewis' house.

Really, really, really hard to believe this wasn't a coordinated hit. Very typical move from the intimidation playbook - only it's too late in the game. Very familiar to stuff corrupt union boss Johnny Doc used to have the boys do up in Philly.

That the incident occurred the day before Lewis held a press conference insinuating the Nagin administration had deliberately deleted certain potentially incriminating emails indicates that the directive came from someone who knew the publication of Lewis' findings was imminent.

The only things that give me the slightest pause are the disclosures that political consultant Cheron Brylski dealt with the same tactic in January and that Christopher Reeves' office was burglarized this past Sunday. Seems they caught the burglerer - that one could be a coincidence - but the Brylski thing can't possibly be...

I wonder if the vandalism occurred at Ms. Brylski's place in January had less to do with her being Lewis' PR consultant and more to do with one of Ms. Brylski's other numerous high-profile clients.

Freshman year in college, we "pennied" the door of our RA to punish him for... I dunno, telling us to be quiet or something. Essentially you can squeeze pennies into the small crack between the door and the frame. This prevents the door from opening, locking the person inside.

3. Mary Landrieu seems to have indicated she's considering filibustering the public option with Senate Rumpublicans. That would be, I think, unforgiveable. I don't want to throw her under the bus yet because I think that statement needs some clarification. I'd like to see it in context.

A local MoveOn member is organizing a protest of her office for tomorrow (Thursday June 9th) at noon. Mary Landrieu's office is at 550 Poydras St.

In other public option news, conservative Senator Blanche Lincoln (D - AR) seems to be moving in a favorable direction.

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Anonymous said...

Mitch withdrew because of the Jim Letten issue. He was poised to run and had the Carville poll that showed he had a clean shot. Then WBOK made Letten's reappointment an issue, and Mitch went on WBOK and defended Mary's decision and praised Letten. That was the biggest mistake of his career. Blacks saw an opportunity to protest Mary's snubbing of the black community by voting against Mitch, and the movement gained so much steam that a week later Mary went on WBOK and begged blacks not to "punish" her brother for her actions. Clearly Mitch's tracking polls showed that he had lost support in the Black community and his quiet support by Joe Canizaro in 2006 was also going to come back and haunt him. The Landrieu's do best when they are running against white right-wing candidates who leave blacks with no other choice. Mitch lost the Mayor's race twice because he did't have the luxury of facing a white conservative Republican. He's saving his money and reverting back to the old Landrieu strategy of finding a conservative (Jindal) who will make him the lesser of two evils.