Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kristoffer Bonilla and John Thomas Wray Rock

I'm so glad to see Mr. Bonilla and Mr. Wray fighting for marriage rights in Louisiana via the courts. Opponents of gay marriage should be forced to explain their opposition because frankly, I don't understand it. In 2004 I think that gay marriage was a wedge that religious conservatives used to their own electoral benefit. But mainstream opinions about this are changing fast and I don't think progressives should sacrifice discussion of this in conservative districts due to political practicality anymore. It shouldn't necessarily be the lotus of someone's policy agenda but it certainly shouldn't be so marginalized as far as our discourse is concerned. I almost never see letters to the editor on the matter.

Gay couples should be able to enjoy the rights and benefits the state affords to married straight couples.


It's because of totally bankrupt arguments like this, from state Sen. AG Crowe (R - 12th Century) that I think we should be more bold about confronting opponents to civil rights for our LGBT friends and family.

Crowe said gay marriage is what makes no sense.

"It's absurd to have to have a conversation about how illogical it is," Crowe said, when asked why he is against same-sex marriage. "Families are the foundation of our country. Families have been portrayed Scripturally as a man and a woman."

No, Senator Crowe. I think we do need to have a conversation about this. Just how does preventing couples from obtaining the benefits of family life strengthen the family? Should the country adopt as a matter of policy everything that is portrayed in the Scriptures?


Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's refreshing to know there are at least a few people out there supporting us.

E said...

yes! so great to hear from the man himself! pretty please keep us updated as things proceed.