Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Seriously Mary


Ryan at the Daily Kingfish
has helpfully pointed out why you may be so quick to betray your supporters and the working families of Louisiana on lowering health insurance costs.

You have taken north of $600,000 from the insurance industry and you have broken an explicit campaign promise when you supported a pledge calling for a public option to lower costs.

I feel totally betrayed. You represent me not them.

Chris Bowers at Open Left is insinuating that you're a bigger obstacle to affordable healthcare than Rush Limbaugh.

You know what? As of now, it appears he's right.

Surely, a lot of progressives from other states are making calls to Mary's office about this but she needs to hear it from her constituents.

I'm going to call again tomorrow. This is unacceptable.

I am calling her in D.C. at (202)224-5824.

I am calling her in New Orleans at (504) 589-2427.


jeffrey said...

FYI: If you'd like to, perhaps, discuss this matter with Senator Landrieu in person, you might catch up with her at Pres Kabakoff's girlfriend's Bywater hippie center this Saturday.

Just a little heads-up


ahhh. my old friend sally the glass.

she has had an interesting and upward movement.

that voodoo is good.

dont hate on the glass or the pres.

they are doing good in a local block to block way in a vacum that is city gov.

every neighborhood that has got any thing done post katrina owes it's progress to the men and women who live on that street.

bookman i know it's easy to pitch sarcasim but some times you got to reel it in and save your barbs for the big boys at city hall.

no one is perfect but at least these cats and kitties are making an end run for their block.

it seems below you dare i say to make such chris roseian simple statements.

eli i love the fact that you are so passionate but some times passion and youth much like my spelling skills can
get in the way of seeing the big picture.

peace and love .


again eli .

im just saying ever since the romans. the classic bamboozle was divide and conquer.

take a breath and a step back and look at the big picture.

gives you more time to gird your loins for the big fight.

lots of baiting and switching going on right now.

mominem said...
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Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, does anyone trust the Landrieus???

Liberals, conservatives, independents, all parties, Orleanaians, etc., will never, ever, ever learn that that family is just one more of a long string of political Louisiana families who just reap off the labor of our backs. Stop supporting Mary Landrieu - there's your answer.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda flabbergasting to see the griping about Mary Landrieu from certain quarters. The cold reality is this: most people in the state think she's liberal and many would like to replace her with a hard-line conservative who they think would represent their own philosophy better. Indeed, many people in this state feel like that if it weren't for "New Orleans liberals" (read: black people et al.) Landrieu would be already long gone and maybe, say, Suzie Terrell would be senator. Don't ever forget that more than 6 out of 10 white voters statewide voted for David Duke in 1991. If this were, say, New Jersey, I could understand the complaining about Landrieu but unfortunately as a state as a whole La. is a long, long way from that. Landrieu is as liberal as you'll ever get to see elected here.

E said...

I really challenge the notion that just because this is a conservative state, Mary Landrieu can't vote for substantive healthcare reform.

Build the party. Argue the facts. This state needs healthcare reform. Even the GOPers in Baton Rouge get that on a fundamental level. Don't just bow out to special interests because you're afraid Roger Villere is going to run attack ads calling you a socialist.

20% of the residents of this state lack insurance.

Anonymous said...

But are the majority of Louisianians willing to accept the kind of health care apparatus that exists in one of these other nations? Unfortunately the answer is probably "no." Mary Landrieu will be lambasted as a "tax and spend Democrat" and unfortunately you're dealing with a whole lot of voters who do not have open minds on this. Again, what the majority of the white voters outside of Orleans Parish think that Landrieu would not be there at all if not for those awful "New Orleans liberals" and it cannot be overstated to what extent the rest of the state detests the Landrieus' home town. You really want Woody Jenkins or Tony Perkins up in Washington representing the state? Think about that. I'm grateful for Mary and what she is in position to be able to do for the state with her seniority and also congnizant of what she faces back home. She is not the problem. It's the voters of this state, unfortunately (see Jindal, Piyush).

E said...

I don't think the voters of this state are a "problem." Rather, I see the voters of this state as lacking healthcare. Mary Landrieu's seniority ain't worth a damn if she's not using it for the public good.

And again, aren't New Orleans haters around the state going to paint Mary Landrieu as a tax-and-spend liberal regardless of what she does in the Senate or how she votes? She panders to the middle on PLENTY. This is something really important and substantive that can help the people of her state and she's going in the wrong direction.

It's not as though we expect her to be an advocate for single-payer.

The public option is the workable compromise on healthcare.

This isn't about Mary's fears of right-wing attacks. She campaigned on healthcare reform AND she signed a pledge to support public option. She wasn't afraid of it then so she shouldn't be afraid of it now.

The thing that makes me really furious is that it looks more and more like her position on this is more about placating her industry campaign donors than it is helping her constituents.