Sunday, June 21, 2009

Psst: Senator Landrieu

Nate Silver discusses the Times poll I linked to earlier today:

The bottom line is that the health care debate is not really being played out in the court of public opinion. If it were, Congress would pass a robust plan with a public option that was funded by raising taxes on cigarettes, booze, and people making over $250,000, and we'd live happily ever after (or not). Rather, this is a behind-the-scenes fight at the committee level, where certain senators who have ample financial incentives to please the insurance industry have a disproportionate amount of control over the process.

I'm generally not one to carp about special interest money -- seeing politics through that lens is often an overly reductive formulation that serves as a catch-all excuse any time Congress does something you don't like. But on something like the public option, which has broad public support and which would probably reduce -- not increase -- the long-run bill to the taxpayers, it is just about the only way to explain what's going on in Washington.

C'mon, Senator Landrieu. Come on. Your stance on public option is transparent bullsh_t.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from Landrieu? The Pittsburgh Gazette years ago reported how her father started the family tradition of opportunism by secretly "partnering" with Joe Canizaro while in office to build Canal place and made a cool million dollars from Mr. Joe. His son, quietly took at least $15,000 from the Canizaros in the last month of the 2006 Mayoral campaign while telling the public he did not support the Canizaro's plan to demolish most of the black community. Mary has always played the role of liberal at election time to get the black vote, then bolted to the right. Her support for the US attorney re-appointment is pure Republican script. She's voted anti-abortion so many time lately that she got no support from the pro-choice movement in 2008. Big supporter of the "school reforms" in New Orleans as well. You can't change her vote now--she has five years before she has to lie again, but we can tell the Landrieus we are tired of their duplicity by refusing to vote for Mitch next year when he come hat in hand. My prediction? If Mitch gets in the runoff against a black candidate the liberal white vote will all go for him again regardless of his track record and we will have four more years of material for blogs on political betrayal.

E said...

jesus that's a lot to unpack.

I'm not going to stand around with my hands in my pockets and mope that Mary Landrieu sometimes acts like a Republican and there's nothing I can do about it. I am exercising my personal democracy and I think I can do something about it. I won't be able to live with myself if I don't try. This is our best chance at substantive healthcare reform in decades and I'm going to try to fight for it with what little power I have as an individual.

I also think waiting around while healthcare reform fails just to "punish" Mary Landrieu by not voting for a fictional Mitch Landrieu candidacy next February is a petty tactic that will cause more harm than good.