Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Wearing Green

The news and photos and videos leaking out of Tehran are absolutely captivating. Andrew Sullivan has provided the best steady stream of hard information, witness accounts, and rumor all weekend long.

This photo, of a protester helping an injured riot cop, seems destined for timelessness.

For no apparent reason, I've always been attracted to Iran and to Persian culture. It's always been at or near the top of my list places to travel. Having not lived in cities with particularly large Iranian/Persian communities, I find myself struggling to figure out how I've had such a disproportionate number of crushes on girls of that background. The reason must be buried thousands of years deep in my ancestral blood.

A lot of folks are complaining about US cable media's total silence on the emerging protests. The thing I find kind of surprising about this is that the media conditions for this event - foreign, mostly unexpected, chaotic waves of information, occurring over a weekend - seem very similar to me to the Mumbai massacre. Yet with that event, cable media provided round-the-clock frenzied coverage. I wrote critically of the coverage of the Mumbai attack at the other end of the spectrum - that it was too sensational and that there was an irresponsible blurring of rumor and fact. The events in Iran are incredibly compelling and the new information is so fast-breaking - I can't fathom why cable news wouldn't want in.


New Orleans Ladder said...

Oh E.
Before the Flood... I used to work for Iranians, one Jewish and one Muslim, both from Tehran before the Revolution.
I worked for them in the Marigny a block apart. Work you to Death, just like any other member of their family, and you are family whether you like it or not. I loved it. HA!
They invented "The Art of the Deal"...if you don'beeleeve me just ask'em! Inveterate gamblers.

Persians have got to be some of the most romantic people I have ever met. I mean, the ones I know still actually believe in the power of love over evil.

Persians absolutely ruled the world 4 times longer than we have been a country. The Book of Law was written there.

Jus'sayin... there is a reason for your crushes, Persians are the stuff of 1001 Nights.

I have been following the Election mainly from BBC World, who have been right on top of the protests live and all.
And of course Al Jazeera.
It is ironic for me, as I WATCHED the Election THEFT of 2000 over here in our own country. I mean, I saw it happen, real election theft! They goddamn forking stole that election! Textbook.
Sooo, I'm getting pretty tickled with the Iranians right now. I hope they win.

Thanks youz,

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Tim said...

As I've never been to Iran, the Iranians I've met are the ones who travel. And they are among the most educated and cultured people I've met. It's tough to fathom what is really going on when we have such a small view and it comes primarily from MSM, but I remain hopeful that the Iranians are truly seeking democracy and secular government. Time will tell.



Leigh C. said...

I just wish they would quit seeing women as being objects that must be covered and commandeered to the point where they can't be allowed out of the country unless their husbands allow them to - all under the blanket excuse of their being "nine parts of desire" and all other sorts of Sharia-interpreted by Qom clerics sorts of garbage. This day was going to come, as the clecrics encouraged a baby boom and those baby boomers are coming of age and realizing how crazy things are there. An educated generation plus fewer economic opportunities is going to add up to revolution of some sort.

Oh, and did you get to see Shirin Neshat's work while it was at Tulane?

Anonymous said...

When, exactly, does Obama speak out on this?

E said...

That's a great question. I've been wondering about this myself. I think the Obama administration's relative silence on this matter has been the prudent and responsible approach to this point. You don't make sweeping calls for regimes to topple based on twitter messages. Besides that, Iranian students have seemed capable of scaring the sh#t out of the old guard all by themselves. American interference could really undermine the credibility of this fledgling indigenous uprising.

That said, if state violence escalates against protesters I don't think the US can sit silently.

jeffrey said...

You really should read this one.

Rumela said...

Yes i am agree with "E". he is right. if state violence escalates against protesters, then US Govt can sit silently. thank you for shearing your posting.