Sunday, June 07, 2009

Deal or no deal ctnd

I wondered on Friday whether or not an immunity deal would include some sort of gag order that might lead to the kind of categorical denial we heard from Anthony Jones' attorneys last week. Indeed that is a possibility but it doesn't totally explain why Jones' defense team would go so far as to issue such a strong push back.

In fact, there may be no explicit or implied immunity. There may yet be, however, implied leniency in exchange for grand jury testimony and perhaps explicit leniency down the road in exchange for testimony in potential future criminal cases. I'm not certain the DOJ is as liberal with the use of immunity as I was considering in different scenarios on Friday.

For immunity from the DOJ, I imagine you'd have to do a lot more than just testify. You'd have to come forward in the midst of the criminal activity, guide the investigation, and maybe wear a wire.

I'm not convinced that Jones is the keystone witness in the case. I've heard nothing to indicate he came forward at any point before it became obvious that Jones himself was likely to catch a charge.

Therefore, I think the deal for Jones is more likely to be a sliding scale implied leniency (in which the more helpful he is, the more likely charges will be plead down) and not immunity of any kind.

I know that there are attorneys out there who read this blog. I'd love if you'd weigh in with your thoughts on how this all works.

That's it. I find this all very interesting obviously.

Beautiful weekend.

Update: I haven't whined about it enough lately but this is another example of why I should have a daily talk radio show. I'd invite two lawyers on and we'd talk this out. Tens of people would listen. Tens!


Jeffrey said...

I'd listen!

Jeffrey said...

Also, when are we going to get some analysis on the latest LSU comments about wanting to take their ball and going home, and then quickly turning around and denying most of it, or saying "yes, some of the lsu folks are talking to some of the lsuhsc foundation folks..."

Sounds like their last argument! Except that I am worried because I know that Kennedy, Jindal, and Vitter are not exactly pulling for New Orleans in the scenario--I think they just want to scuttle the whole thing.

Karen said...

I would listen and so would all of my friends..all 2 of them.