Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Calling all Virginia Democrats

In January I predicted that the Virginia Gubernatorial Democratic primary (TODAY) would be big story and a huge indicator as to the direction of the Democratic Party.

I was half right. This race indicates the direction of the party but it hasn't really been a huge story. It hasn't really been covered on mainstream cable news as much as one would have though, especially given that Terry McAuliffe makes for such trainwreck TV.

I guess Democratic Party reform efforts won't get any attention when the GOP can't even throw a damn dinner party without the whole thing turning into a soap opera.

Anyway, I still think it's HUGELY important to keep Terry McAuliffe out of the general election. I was thinking Brian Moran would be the alternative candidate to take him down but it turns out that Creigh Deeds has hugely impressed VA voters. Go with either.

Anybody but the hack.

Terrymania is a surefire way to undo the progress that the Left has achieved in Virginia.

If you've got a pal in Virginia, call 'em up and remind them to vote today.

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Clay said...

Terry lost by one of the slimmest margins in Virginia history, but he lost nonetheless.

The hack is gone.