Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes on 780


Common sense insurance policy to protect Lower Mid-City from demolition if LSU doesn't have financing.


mominem said...

It seem to me it goes a little too far. Prohibiting expropriation is certainly reasonable and responsible. Prohibiting purchase of property that becomes available seem a little drastic.

E said...

It stops short of prohibiting assessment of value or the drafting of paper. Once a property is transferred, there's no getting it back. They'd be using taxpayer money to buy up the property and if LSU ends up not having the financing to build, that loot is already spent and out the door. Keep in mind that some of this is CDBG money that really ought to be going toward actual community development throughout the city. The bill would be worthless if it allowed one but not the other.

Anonymous said...

What about the VA? What will the city do with expropriated property on that side of the footprint if the VA chooses an alternative site?

As part of the deal, the city is to get the old VA hospital. What are plans for that facility?