Sunday, May 10, 2009

State of the art parking lots

I'll likely have a lot to say about this at tomorrow but everyone should read this Bill Barrow story in the Times-Picayune today. It's dead on and I think you'll be hearing a lot more like it over the next several weeks. The paper version is way more powerful because of the accompanying illustration.

The pro-boondoggle crowd has worked hard to pull the wool over our eyes and I'm glad I've gotten so involved in exposing this charade for what it is.


Anonymous said...

What is most interesting about the article is the mention that LSU may lease out the Phase 2 portion of the site to businesses until (read: if) they are able to develop Phase 2. Isn't this a violation of the eminent domain laws?

E said...

They're going to bulldoze first and ask questions later. What kind of business is going to move into an area that is actively being shopped for further redevelopment? I mean are we talking about trinket shacks and hot dog carts here?

Sparkymgc said...

Nope your talking off street parking. Trust me a deal is in there somewhere for city parking to get a piece of this pie.

Jeffrey said...

Have you thought at all of writing about the DDD's and RPC's complicity in the whole process. I thought Barrow's quote from Kurt Weigle (whose DDD boundaries don't even extend beyond Claiborne to the LSU or VA sites) was quite telling.

Also, what's the history behind Jerry Jones, or whatever the LSU facilities' head is named? I heard that he literally has no credentials or experience for making any decision of this magnitude.

The LSU 'alternatives' (ha!) schematics definitely show that the emperor is wearing no clothes, and that this really is just a land grab.

E said...

Jeffrey I think all of your posting dreams will come true in due time.