Friday, May 22, 2009

Ink Still Wet

On the indictment of Renee Gill Pratt.

Pratt lost her Council reelection bid in 2006 to none other than Stacy Head. Pratt was, by every single account I've ever heard, an absolutely horrendous representative. A class act.

It's important to learn to catch these crooks in the act instead of after the fact.

Endemic, systemic corruption - it's killing us.


Anonymous said...

Systemic corruption, exactly. Hint for the next mayor's race: if the candidate does not admit to the fact of corruption or that there are proposals needed to fix it then don't vote for them.

Last go round, opposition or approval of the IG was a good way to measure this.

1. We need a citywide inventory and audit of all property, hard, real and incorporeal. And for all agencies and boards and entities.

2. We need a city manager system that will give a city manager the right to examine any information on any contract or any property held or entered into by any city entity.

Jeffrey said...

Um, anyone think that this is of a piece with the Washington--Head spat?

Jeffrey said...

And yes, Pratt was an unbelievably bad councilwoman.

Clay said...

I think she was actually gearing up for a Pratt-Head rematch before this indictment came down. It was definitely either going to be her or someone very close to her. I know she was stunned to lose her seat and wanted it back badly.

That campaign just imploded before it ever started.

Damian said...

I vividly remember when I became cynical about (and stopped supporting) Ron Forman for mayor last cycle.

I had been invited to a small forum with Forman, at which we were able to ask him questions. My first and only question was about what sorts of city corruption he had experienced dealing with the city as head of the Audubon Nature Institute. He said he had never witnessed any act of corruption of any kind in his 20 years heading ANI.

Hell, I'd witnessed numerous acts of corruption just attending New Orleans Public Schools for 10 years.

I knew right then that he was either lying or unprepared to deal with the city's most significant problem.

Good riddance, Gill-Pratt.