Friday, March 13, 2009

Unanswered Question 1

When White went to IT to get the emails for Washington, who provided them?

Keep this statement from Dr. Brenda Hatfield on file for later:

"The public records request for the CD was assigned and performed by an appropriate employee, of the technology department, not Mr. Jones, " Hatfield wrote in an e-mail message Monday.

Careful now.


WDSU has posted the affidavit filed by Penya Moses-Fields as a pdf.

In it, Moses-Fields describes how the disks made it from the IT into the hands of Veronica White, and then Washington:

8. On February 28, 2009, the Director of the Mayor's Office of Technology informed the City Attorney's Office that at some point in time prior to February 28, 2009, he had provided Veronica White with one set of discs containing emails of the City Council.

No names named but one would assume that Director of the Mayor's Office of Technology would be a reference to M. Harrison Boyd. However, I believe his official title is actually Interim Chief Technology Officer. If you were curious, Anthony Jones' current title is Management Information Services Enterprise Director.

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