Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There is no escaping the E-Maelstrom

Well some 'lost' emails have apparently made their way to the press.

Gordon Russell stirs the seas:

A review of Meffert's e-mails from his last year at City Hall casts further doubt on his record. The correspondence shows that he was deeply enmeshed in the business dealings of a group of former associates at the same time he steered multimillion-dollar, no-bid city contracts, including the camera deals, to companies they owned.

Meffert's exact role in the companies remains unclear, but the e-mails show that he often participated in and directed decisions that had nothing to do with the firms' work in New Orleans. And he traveled with company members to drum up business in other cities, including Baton Rouge, Houston and Chicago, using his public position to open doors.

Do not miss this article. It will only continue to unravel from here.

Certainly takes all of the innuendo out of this WWL piece from yesterday, though I'm sure you didn't have much trouble making the connection yourself.

Meffert is already speaking through an attorney who promises that his client will be completely vindicated, which I think is some fancy lawyerin' mumbo jumbo signifying something no better than a plea deal with an agreement to testify.

**UPDATE: Clancy has confirmed that in fact, the feds have already had a little sit down with Meffert. The visit was "threatening" and "ugly," and Meffert is "scared."

This is what it's all about. The White to Washington leak of Council emails opened an entry path for the feds to do more work around the IT dept but never was the primary focus, though there will probably be some fallout on that front as well.


Civitch said...

I hope that the TP's "reorganization" means that Gordon Russell will be doing more investigative stories. He's the best they've got.

Ricardo said...

Hammer really doesn't... hammer.