Friday, March 20, 2009

"no major policy decisions"

From Transom:

“At times the city feels a bit paralyzed and daunted. You may feel that way too, looking at us,”she said, going onto to say that that the city’s master plan, which was unveiled online in draft form online today, would be “one of the guides to help us form policy” moving forward.

Aside from the master plan, Reed said, “no major policy decisions… would be coming out in the next year.”

And that, she said, “is because of the (coming in 2010) change in administration.”

Deputy Director for Housing Policy Victoria Reed also assured housing wonks in the crowd that the city had funding from a foundation to do a study of housing needs in the next year. “So we will know what the needs are and where we should be focusing development,” she said.

Four years after the storm is definitely the appropriate time to possibly start a study on what our affordable housing needs might be.

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