Friday, March 20, 2009

From the inbox:


WHAT: Metro Area Community Meeting on Healthcare

Hear from healthcare professionals, neighborhood organizations, housing experts, social justice advocates and urban planning specialists.

See how the residents of Lower Mid City have struggled to restore their neighborhood after the levee failures and floods of Katrina.

See a Video documentary on Charity Hospital featuring an interview with a former Charity Emergency Room Physician.

WHERE: Holy Angels Convent Chapel

3500 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans

WHEN: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM CDT, Saturday, March 21, 2009


Despite the fact that there has been no public input, no public hearings and no transparency of the process, LSU and Gov. Jindal are barreling ahead with a fiscally irresponsible, unsustainable proposal to destroy a recovering historic neighborhood to build an unsustainable medical center that will cost hundreds of millions more in taxpayer dollars and take at least four years more to complete than renewing, restoring and reopening Charity Hospital consistent with the RMJM/Hillier feasibility study. At the same time, the state is facing a multi-billion dollar deficit and our governor is proposing hundreds of millions in cuts to critical healthcare services.

We can have economic development and opportunities for everyone AND reopen the Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital.

A medical district for the metro area can best be built by renewing, restoring and reopening Charity Hospital.

The crisis of delivering health care to the physically ailing and mentally ill can best be addressed by renewing, restoring and reopening Charity Hospital.

The Lower Mid City Neighborhood can best be saved by renewing, restoring and reopening Charity Hospital.

Sponsors include:

United Teachers of New Orleans, Louisiana ACORN, Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, Fabourg Marigny Improvement Association, C3/Hands Off Iberville, New Orleans Pax-Christi, the Louisiana Justice Institute, the Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital…


Richard P. said...

This is wrong. Jindal has long been one to be throwing roadblocks at the proposal and expressing doubts about its viability. Anything thing which is wrong is the notion that if LSU doesn't build a new hospital then they would definitely use the old Charity Hospital. While if there's not a new hospital they might continue to use University Hospital for a time (a building, while obviously newer than Charity LSU also would prefer to shift away from) restoring the Charity Hospital building to kind of use that it experienced in, say, the 1950's is probably nowhere on LSU's list of options. 99 percent chance the options are 1.) the new building as planned or 2.) no new teaching hospital for New Orleans at all with University seeing some use while LSU gradually shifts facilities to Baton Rouge where they're waiting with eager arms to welcome them and David Vitter and Jindal happily giving their blessing.

Puddinhead said...

Been saying the exact same things for months....

Richard P. said...

The real story is not presevationists, activists, etc. versus LSU. That's just a little sideshow. The real story is David Vitter (in bed with Ochsner, private insurance companies et al.?) and others who have no love for New Orleans looking to throw roadblocks in an effort to prevent any progress at all on this, not to mention pro-Baton Rouge (we're no. 1 now!) interests looking to swoop down and steal this away from N.O. Where has Jindal, another Republican, been all that enthusiastic about this? When has he ever been pro-New Orleans?