Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Hour With C. Ray Nagin

If you're parsing today's interview and find a statement to be particularly silly, dishonest, or interesting please flag it in the comments below with either a time or some transcription.

And part II is available within the player.


doeloc said...
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jeffrey said...

2 silly things:

Nagin begins with "We're talking about emails here" I had visions of Allen Iverson.

Later... "we've had one reporter who killed his wife recently so nobody's perfect" Did he really just go Marinello on their ass?

E said...

I noticed both of those things as well. Iverson was the first thing that came to mind at the very beginning.

And I don't know WHAT the hell he was possibly thinking in describing his administration's problems with Jones and White as normal personnel issues somehow akin to the media having personnel issues because Marinello murdered his wife.

I mean the whole premise is ridiculous but even still.... and maybe I'm remembering this wrong.... but I don't recall Marinello being allowed to continue delivering the news after he killed his wife.

E said...

And his answer about the Chinese drywall problem at around 14:00 was really pathetic.