Tuesday, March 31, 2009

E-maelstrom Unravels Hawaii Trip

The Times-Picayune sent three reporters to chase down a story American Zombie broke for us way back in 2006.

Now that's to congratulate Dambala, not to disparage Donze, Hammer, and Russell who wrote a must-read with audio of Nagin's bob-and-weave. Read all of it and then read behind it at AZ.

Once again....if anyone with the power to do so is listening...subpoena Imagine's credit card records.

That's Jim Letten's call I guess.

The key to the next door as far as public information is concerned is probably what's going on at Orleans Parish Civil District Court. Again, the T-P describes it very well.

We'll know so much more if Judge Rosemary Ledet unseals that deposition on Monday.

We're gonna get there.

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AVT said...

Please, please, please subpoena Muppet's shell company's credit cards...My god, is this not patently obvious. Indict Nagin, Letten, or step aside for a new EDLA USA to do so for you.