Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sorry readers, posts might be less frequent and insightful over the next couple few. I've been frolicking about without the luxury of a full time paycheck for a little while. It's been very therapeutic but my bank account just called to put a stop to the festivities.

It's time to be a full time job-seeker. Funny how I've timed everything out so perfectly, as everyone knows it's a GREAT time to be looking for employment. I explained to my dad over the phone this weekend that this was all a good thing, as I am now a part of history.

What I really want more than anything is a good get rich quick scheme. I need my readers to help me brainstorm. If only I hadn't ratted out NOAH, I could've broken into the bamboo fiber underwear business.

In that vein...

For your convenience, I've already priced out some of my organs and affiliated bodily resources:

Left kidney: $15,000
Liver: $25,000
Corneas (2): $75,000
Blood (O+): $15 per pint or $25 per quart
Bone marrow: $4500 per session


Leigh C. said...

Ummm, you're forgetting taking part in any scientific experiments. That's how Robert Rodriguez of "El Mariachi" and "Spy Kids" fame got started.

E said...

There just aren't enough pharmaceutical companies based in the area. You know, I'm going to drop my opposition to the LSU/VA deal just because I need experimentation money.

Anonymous said...

I can see the craigslist add already:

"For Sale. 1 Liver. Slightly used and abused. Serious parties only."

jeffrey said...

Run for office. That's where the real money is in this town.

Papa Bear said...


If you only knew how wrong that is.


jehu said...

there are always jobs in New Jersey my friend.. NJ and you...perfect together.