Thursday, February 26, 2009


If Governor Bobby Jindal believes that New Orleans schools have been "reinvented" post-Katrina sufficiently enough that he considers federal stimulus money for education in Louisiana to be wasteful spending but Congressman Joe Cao voted against the stimulus because apparently he believed it didn't include enough for schools, then what are we supposed to believe?


jeffrey said...

Yes, I believe I touched on this last week. It's the Bobby Jindal "cautious" approach to math and science that makes this possible.

Leigh C. said...

A goober-natorial wonk for the Middle Ages, Jindal is.

Besides, he's got the vouchers and the Blanco-enacted emergency order that creates a fast track for charters. He's not beholden to anybody's math but the one operating in his head.

mominem said...

We might believe that two independently elected officials of the same party don't always agree?