Friday, February 06, 2009

More of this please

TPM highlighted this speech as especially good.

If you've been as bummed out by the media's handling of the stimulus debate as I've been, then you'll appreciate the pick me up.

Is this like that bully pulpit I've heard so much about?


Papa Bear said...
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jeffrey said...

I wish Obama wasn't starting so late with this. So many stupid mistakes so far... not the least of which being the pretense that Republicans give a shit about doing what is right at all... much less helping you.

It's unclear how much he can salvage at this point. The bill is pretty shitty already and the Democratic leadership is as to blame as the Republicans are.

If I were Obama I might be inclined to veto the fucking thing and tell the children to start over and get it right.

E said...

I'm not so sure, I go back and forth. I think that the GOP has doubled down on batshit crazy, and it's only kinda-sorta working for them in the immediate short term - winning the day's cable news contest.

I don't think that's viable for them in the medium term because Obama can sort tsunami them with speeches and an overwhelming network of grassroots support whenever he wants. He's just operating under a different time frame than the GOP, which is clearly just desperate to get on the news.

On the other hand, I don't think we're getting as good a stimulus bill as we need and the executive nomination process has sprung way too many leaks... We still need to wait and see I suppose.

I definitely would not veto the stimulus and start over. That money has got to get out the door and into the economy immediately.

jeffrey said...

That money has got to get out the door and into the economy immediately.

And that is Obama's trump. If he were to veto or threaten a veto then everyone is flush up against the imminent end of the world as we know it to get the thing done correctly.

Plus, by cracking the whip, Obama regains the initiative in a big way. Especially if he makes a point of chastising the Dems and GOP for "playing the old political game" in the midst of a serious crisis. I'm all for a bi-partisanship of kicking everyone in the ass.