Thursday, February 05, 2009

Meeting in my mind

NOPD broken all over this city. Looks increasingly as though officers murdered this young man after which the administration waged a PR campaign to destroy the victim's reputation.

Disgusting conduct.

In Oakland, young man named Oscar Grant was murdered by a police officer on the same day as Mr. Adolph Grimes and there were days of tense and sometimes destructive protests.

In other local state brutality news, litigation against the city for Gitmo-like conditions at a juvenile detention facility has expanded into a much larger class-action suit.

You can leave children in solitary confinement for weeks at at time.

That's torture.

But this kind of stuff is all in a day's news in this city with this city's criminally broken justice system.


Amy said...

I read the full autopsy and the court filings in regards to the Grimes case. It breaks my heart. Call it my small time idealistic optimism, but I didn't think things like this REALLY happened. It's becoming harder and harder to stay, that is for sure, especially when you can't even trust those who are in charge to protect.

Anonymous said...

they're not children. they're offenders.