Monday, February 16, 2009

Fear of retaliation

Essential City Business story about a jerk cop and a friend of mine who knows his rights.

Wexler said his first impulse was to file a complaint with the NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau, but he doubted the independence and effectiveness of the unit. If the police department can’t be trusted to treat citizens with respect, how can it be trusted to investigate allegations of abuse against its own officers, Wexler said.

Even his attorney, Sam Dalton, tried to discourage him from filing a report.

“I’ve seen what happens when people bring complaints,” Dalton said. “The police try to intimidate them from continuing their protests. It’s a very uncomfortable situation. One thing I know is that this officer won’t be punished.”


A woman who works in the area at the time of the incident verified Wexler’s account to CityBusiness but refused to provide her name for fear of police retaliation.


jeffrey said...

Your friend should have been arrested for impeding an officer from making his "4 doors kicked down" quota for the day.

Pistolette said...

i mentioned in a post of mine a few days ago that "I fear the police here (nola) more than the criminals there (seattle)." and it's true. part of my melancholy lately has been due to a high number of close friends all being busted for petty crimes or just generally being harassed by nopd that are afraid to chase the really bad guys. i thought about starting an nopd complaint blog (perhaps there's one already?), but i'm already overextended right now.

E said...

that is a great idea