Friday, January 30, 2009

Vitter Clinging to the Fringe

The Senate overwhelming passed SCHIP today, a bill that would provide healthcare coverage to children. Seems pretty open-and-shut to me. Is there a single good reason why a 21st century industrial democracy wouldn't want to provide health coverage to little kids?

Senator David Vitter, bastion of Christian morality, apparently doesn't believe that our society has an obligation to provide for the basic health of children. He voted nay.

This was not a straight party line vote.

The following Republicans were reasonable enough to consider health care coverage for kids to be a societal imperative: Specter (PA), Luger (IN), Collins (ME), Snowe (ME), Martinez (FL), Murkowski (AK), Hutchinson (TX), Alexander (TN), and Corker (TN).

Even Bob Corker voted for the damn thing!

It was definitely going to pass, what would have been the harm for Vitter to tack on a 'yay' vote?

Why does Vitty hate Louisiana's children?


Superdeformed said...

Because they are hogging his diapers.

E said...