Wednesday, January 21, 2009

VA Watch

No not that VA, I'm talking about the race to for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I wrote a few weeks ago that the Democratic primary fight was a sure bet to be the big flash point for progressives to watch during the off-year election cycle.

Yet, aside from Andrew Sullivan's properly-titled post, I hadn't seen too much reaction on the blogosphere.

But this news will surely result in some serious keyboard pounding across the country, if not now then in just a few short months.

It isn't automatic that just because Joe Trippi signs with an underdog candidate that progressives will flock to that candidate, but Trippi has a lot of residual progressive 'street cred' from his days on Howard Dean's campaign. And it's not as if progressives (or anyone else for that matter) need that much help finding reasons to oppose Terry McAuliffe.

At the very least, Brian Moran's hiring of big-leaguer like Joe Trippi signals that he intends to run a competative campaign. McAuliffe is raising obscene amounts of money so Moran and Trippi have their work cut out.


Anonymous said...

the bigger story in virginia political circles is that mudcat saunders is working for moran. trippi's good, but he's no mudcat.

E said...

You have got to tell us about Mudcat.