Monday, January 12, 2009

Salacious Unattributable Rumor

Psst, guess what I heard?

Well you know how President Bush refused to allow the Obama family the opportunity to move into the Blair House so that Sasha and Malia could start their school on time?

When that story was reported in early December, it was reported that the Blair House was unavailable because a foreign guest of the President had already been booked to stay there.

Yet, it took weeks before it was revealed who that dignitary was. Last week, Margaret Carlson reported that it was Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard who had been invited to stay at the Blair House. It is her belief that Howard was invited to stay at the Blair House after the Obama had made his request "so that there would be some plausible reason for not letting the Obamas stay there."

Get this - I heard that the REAL reason that the White House forced the Obamas into a two week hotel stay is because Laura Bush has taken up residence in the Blair House. Apparently, George W. has fallen off the wagon and is now attempting to drown his shame in an ocean of alcohol.


Somebody really did tell me this. I thought it was an interesting theory indeed. I've heard a lot of jokes lately about Bush's sharpness in some of his recent interviews and press conferences that made me give this a little bit more thought. Certainly the story about the Blair House is very awkward.

He always seemed half-drunk to me though, so I'm not sure how anybody would know the difference.

One week left.

I'll drink to that.


alli said...

His behavior patterns were always those of an alcoholic not in recovery. It really would surprise me if he had been sober at all the past 8 years.

Red said...

I love a good juicy rumor - and that one sounds TOTALLY plausible. Think about it- if the tradition has always been that the incoming president to stay in that hotel, why would it be booked? Wouldn't they check with the incoming president to see if he was going to want to stay before booking someone else there immediately before the inauguration. He's totally off the wagon, always has been. Laura's gonna get back to Texas and get her groove on - that's real talk. She's still got it going on. She doesn't need a washed up drunken loser.

That's my two cents to the rumor mill:)

Civitch said...

This is completely believable, and I'm the last one to defend President Monkeyears, but the Obamas did need to move in earlier than most due to the girls' school schedule.

Pistolette said...

So what. I don't like him either, but all administrations do something pissy to the next guy. When Bush arrived 8 years ago, Clinton's people had pulled all the W keys off the computer keyboards. Cute, but so immature.

E said...

Sportswriter Bill Simmons talks about the "Tyson Zone" in which an athlete or celebrity has so often befouled standards of public conduct that you'll hear anything about them and find it plausible if not likely.

Anonymous said...

Pistolette, the removal of the W keys from White House keyboards was a false story perpetrated by Bush staggers that has somehow grown over time into a full blown urban legend.