Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nott Batt

Jay Batt wants a rematch against Shelly Midura.

I don't know Jay Batt but I've heard not so nice things.

Actual audio here.


Clay said...

Eh, Jay Batt is OK. Very cool in person.

No way in hell is going to win the district again. People loved him when they voted for him the first time, then when he came around the second time, he got kicked out on his ass.

"We need a pro-business Republican on the Council" was what people thought the first time. The second time was, "Holy Shit, look at this pro-business Republican! He takes the side of business!" And they voted for Shelly.

I like Batt, but if he runs again, there are going to be some serious skeletons that sneak out of the closet this time...

Anonymous said...

The Batt needs to climb a pretty big hill to have a shot. First he has to first make the case that Midura has been bad for the district. I'm not a member of her fan club, but that is going to be a tough sell.

Next he has to convince people that he would have been better, and elicit some sort of buyers remorse in the voters. And then he has to hope the issues that had people voting for a nobody over him have been forgotten (university area). All this, while hoping to buck the growing trend of booting out and keeping out the Pre-K pols (Lakeview).

And Clay, you nailed the "pro-business Republican" reaction.