Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Passes Stimulus

Not one Republican crossed over to support the bill. Nice to see the GOP coming out 100% against job creation, tax cuts, and infrastructure improvements. That's right the caucus voted against tax cuts.

Louisiana tally:

Yeas: Melancon

Nays: Cao, Boustany, Cassidy, Alexander, Fleming, and Scalise


jeffrey said...


So much money and power purposed toward a struggle to make sure nothing happens.

They are irrelevant.

E said...

It's amazing how little House GOP leaders were able to contribute after the media bent over backward to let them drive the discourse.

Jeffrey said...

Cao is really making waves...oh wait. No he's not. Looks like the Scalise-training is really working out well.

The only unfortunate part about the Goopers being irrelevant is that our entire delegation is therefore irrelevant.