Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Harry Reid: Just step away from the camera

He's like a political cutter, he gets some unhealthy rush out of bad media. He seems to have no foresight, no backbone, and a knack for covering gaffes with other gaffes.

He's the perfect Bush-era Democrat. But these are new times and we need a new leader in the Senate.

Jame Hamsher has other plans.

Of course Burris was going to get seated. We all knew this. All of us.

Not a fight worth picking. He's 71 and there's an election in two years. Just sit the man and get this BS to the back pages where it belongs.

Jeez Reid's an idiot.


jeffrey said...

For the record, the whole Burris affair has raised my opinion of Blagojevich by leaps and bounds.

You gotta love a guy who's that determined to keep fucking with 'em all until the bitter end.

Red said...

"A political cutter..."


Mark said...

I agree. I saw Reid on Meet the Press and he didn't have a coherent argument.