Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Will We Do?

Anon calls out liberal whites in the comments section of this post:

So what will local "anti-racist whites" do? Should we be satisfied with leaving this issue to an outside, African American group, Color of Change? Did we leave Ray Nagin, Bill Jefferson, and Veronica White to some outside group? Will blacks have a point if they say that whites are quick to protest black officials but we wont take the lead in dealing with white racism in our own community?

Damn. In our face.

What do you think about that? What should we do and how should we do it?

In related news, I should point out that Rep. Conyers of Michigan is outraged about the revelations from Mr. Thompson's article. As Chair of the Judiciary Committee, he is actually positioned to do something about it, he can initiate a wide-ranging investigation. I've always liked John Conyers, don't know if I've ever mentioned that.

Meanwhile, Color of Change is pushing forward with requests to Buddy Caldwell and Bobby Jindal.


Anonymous said...

I think we should confront the affluent, self-interested white people who are keeping Charity Hospital closed.

Leigh C. said...

There's still a big problem in that race is still a barrier with regards to vindication of those who are to be brought to justice. There's a tightrope that must be walked with regards to making sure that those responsible for these crimes are not still walking the streets. The men in the article - Harrington and his companions - said that the guys who made all the racist comments weren't the ones who shot at them. Still and all, the fact that these people are still throwing around these racist attitudes and comments is horrifying, and it is not so easily dealt with in a court of law.

This is difficult and takes a lot of thought - and I think unequal resources and distribution of goods makes this worse all the way around.

Other perspectives on this:



Anonymous said...

It bothers me to no end when I see comments about how the "black community" needs to confront the "thugs," the "corrupt black politicians," etc... no! Black people are not a homogenous group.

on one hand, yes, our society as a whole has to make an account for what we deem acceptable. White people, for instance, are not a homogenous group, just as blacks and vietnamese etc. are not. I'm a jew, and a freak. You think these honkeys want to pay attention to me?


As a whole, we have to say that their way of seeing the world is not the way we want to live by. Just as we say we don't want to be held hostage to the threat of violence.

Just as with gangsta soldiers and racist honkeys we cannot say they are forbidden, but we must negate their impact by showing, not just saying, that they are obosolete, and a joke. If we force them into an isolated group then they become stronger. If we do it differently, by refusing to realize their propaganda and fear-mongering, then we will overcome the drag and disgrace.

That's not to say that justice for these actions should not be served-- if it can be proven in a court of law. In social standards, that racist redneck type is dying and the more weight we give them in defining who we are, the lesser we are.

Red said...

I think a diverse coalition of local folks coming together and taking this on could have some healing potential for New Orleans. We definitely cannot sit back and let Van Jones (good intentioned and welcomed here as he is) take the lead in fighting this injustice in our backyard. If we can fight Nagin, Canizarro and the ULI and bring these neighborhoods back from the 'Green Dot' threat, we can certainly bring these clowns to justice.

I think we should look to build an alliance with leaders in social justice that want to take this on (they're probably already organizing something). I'm thinking Michael Cowan, Pastor John Raphael of the 'Enough' campaign - those two come to mind off the bat. Build a multi-race front and push for justice. Cause that Anon person was right - I'm not in New Orleans right now to hear it but if I was around my black friends, that's EXACTLY what they'd be saying. 'quick to go after V.White, Jefferson, etc... Vigilante gunmen killing Blacks for sport, not so much.'

oyster said...

"Should we be satisfied with leaving this issue to an outside, African American group, Color of Change?"

No, but we should get clear on exactly what "the issue" is, which is why Dambala's comments in that same post are so important.

E said...

"The issue" I thought is fairly obvious - white racism in our community. In this case it relates to murders occurring during Katrina in Algiers Point that have not been investigated by the NOPD.

We can choose to ignore the allegations being made because of Thompson's sometimes sensationalized flourishes or we can choose to ignore the sensationalized flourishes so that we can deal with the serious allegations.