Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take a Moment

and admire the new New Orleans Institute website.

New Orleans bloggers and online activists get it done and we get it done with almost no attention from the national netroots community. It's impressive.

We break scandals, we provide honest discussion forums, we amplify under-reported stories, and soon we'll found institutions.


jeffrey said...

Hmmm... that's an awful lot of photos of Dangerblond on one website. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Frolic said...

What's to admire about a site that's largely a bunch of stolen content?

Kevin Allman said...

These people reprinted in whole Gambit's cover story of Nov. 18, 2008, stripped off David Winkler-Schmit's byline, and then put their own copyright at the bottom.

No love here.

jeffrey said...

It looks to me like the site is just aggregating newsfeeds. In certain page view formats, the bylines appear to have been stripped. I doubt that this is intentional.

Kevin Allman said...

Jeffrey, that article was never sent out as a newsfeed. It wasn't a blogpost; it could not have been aggregated.

It was an article posted on our site; it is Gambit's property; and it violates both the letter and the spirit of fair use.

jeffrey said...

If it was posted prior to the Gambit site re-launch, it could have shown up in a feed. (I know my feedreader stopped picking up Gambit articles at that time).

Honestly, though, I don't know how the NOI site is designed or maintained and am just speculating. I think your complaint is valid. But I don't think the violation is intentional.

Kevin Allman said...

I'm more than a wee bit sensitive these days on this subject.

Did you know that Arianna - apparently not satisfied just not paying her blogebrity friends - is now JUST COMPLETELY REPRINTING material from alt-weeklies?

(breathing in a bag now)

jeffrey said...

Not surprised at all, really.

Karen said...

It was an unintentional error that has been corrected.

In this case we had too many cooks and not enough editors to check for errors..

Sorry again

Frolic said...

Glad to hear it. Glad there was a quick and amicable resolution (and looking forward to how the site develops).

Those of us who makes our living selling our intellectual property do tend to take this stuff seriously (not that any of my stuff was on the site, but solidarity is important among the underpaid wordsmiths of the world).