Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Police Abuse Endemic Throughout Region

Jeffrey and Varg both blogged today about the case of Randy Bibb, a tour guide arrested and abused by an NOPD office for no reason.

What about the case of James Williams?

He was arrested and assaulted by a Jefferson Parish cop, seemingly for being a black man in a car with a white woman. I don't believe the Times-Picayune has covered the Williams case.

Oh and let me also offer kudos to Councilman James Carter for his work creating an independent police monitor along with Robert Cerasoli. That position could be staffed within a few months. (If I'm not mistaken)

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Varg said...

According to the video, his court date is tomorrow, let us know if you hear anything. If the charges are dropped it still means he spent a night in jail and all the hassle and indignity that goes along with that.

What he said about everyone having a story about abuse of power is true though. Across the board, everyone knows someone or has themself been treated unfairly by police. I hate to direct anyone to the comments section but there are plenty of anecdotes contained in the story about the tour guide. Along with the traditional "blame the victim" sonsabitches.