Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lolis Column "Defends" Veronica White

Lolis Eric Elie reasonably points out Veronica White's side of the story in his column today.

But his "defense" of the Sanitation Director almost follows a familiar WCBF format.

Head complimented the city in a memo sent by her then-assistant in June 2006. Head notes that she had been on the council roughly a month and wasn't sufficiently experienced then to analyze the deal.

The city has also provided the council with at least some of the documents detailing the number of households receiving sanitation services.

Moreover, Head and most residents agree that sanitation service has improved dramatically since Metro Disposal, Richard's Disposal and SDT Waste and Debris took over.

These points would not have been sufficient response to Head's questions, but the points would have made White look more competent...

This is worded fabulously.

"The city has also provided the council with at least some of the documents..."

Good stuff. Former FEMA chief Michael Brown had at least some experience.

And the last line:

"...the points would have made White look more competent."

That's also an amazing structure. White provided at least some documents and services are better, and if these talking points had been highlighted, White would have looked more competent at the one particular hearing where she was exposed as a liar.

So while Lolis "defends" White in the first part of the column, here are some lines from later on:

...White's inability to answer questions in a reasonable manner makes it seem as if she has no explanations for her department's performance.

In the absence of an explanation, New Orleanians are inclined to suspect corruption.

Mayor Ray Nagin defends White, apparently convinced of her competence. But even if White has done a great job, her demonstrated inability to explain her department's actions is itself a form of incompetence. And things are about to get worse.

He goes on to profile some of the issues the city is having with SDT Waste, which has provided ZERO documentation, and had previously been given a pass on account of the pretty boy.

Things are going to get worse.

One suggestion is to dismiss Veronica White because she is incompetent, or as Elie might say, because she always makes herself appear that way.

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