Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unnecessary Marginalization of Green Party

I'm generally trying to stay out of the Congressional campaign but I think the Times-Picayune's treatment of the Green Party entry is unnecessary or lazy or something in a way that annoys me.

It's one thing to inaccurately report the campaign finance figures but what is really annoying to me is this established meme that Malik Rahim is "little-known."

I don't think that's accurate or fair. Malik Rahim has international name recognition in some circles and has been very involved locally, regardless of how you feel about his level of effectiveness.

To repeat the meme, as the Times-Picayune has done, is pretty lazy.
And I think it's pretentious, too.

There are some pretty compelling stories out there about Rahim.


adrastos said...

The Greens are a very minor party so their coverage will be minimal.

And what are the compelling stories about Rahim? I've had the dubious pleasure of meeting him once and all the stories I hear about him are about how unpleasant he is.

Civitch said...

I got a robo call from him today, and was very much underwhelmed. He was uninspiring and inarticulate. Whatever his agenda might be, I'd hold out little hope of him actually convincing anyone in D.C. to join it.

I understand why some people are party loyalists, but if elections were about checklists, we wouldn't really need human candidates. You have to believe that the person is the best representative of your ideals, and that he or she can be an effective advocate of them. Based on what I've heard about Malik Rahim (and now from him), I just don't see him as being capable of that.