Saturday, November 22, 2008

They killed trees for THIS?

The founder and CEO of WCBF sounds like an idiot in your Saturday edition of the Times-Picayune. Man, that soundbite shit is hard. It took a lot of negotiation to get them not to print what I said about mouth-breathers. Yeah, you know the type.

I almost shut down the blog today to throw any would-be new readers off of my scent, but I know that's only for the yellah.


If you've come to sign the petition to dismiss Veronica White, you can find it here. According to analyst calculations, it is 63% complete.


Here's an uncomfortable interview between Norman Robinson and Mayor Nagin over the Veronica White fracas. Mayor Nagin refuses to defend the actual assertions he made to Council about the event in an email. My favorite question was:

"You don't feel, as the elected leader of this city, are exacerbating this by throwing this out there without offering any clarification, any real clarity?"

Nagin's answer:

"...we'll see where the legal procedures go from here."



Leigh C. said...

Mazel tov on the mention anyhow, you media dawlin'.

And you're in the Bywater now? Man, is that ever a schlep for you, work-wise.

E said...

Lol, I more-or-less quit that job when the Phillies made it to the NLCS.

Priorities, you know.

G Bitch said...

E., baby, remember who the real village idiot is. Or village idiots are. I've lost count. And you're not one of 'em.

Yeah, work sucks. Live free and hungry!

Anonymous said...

I'll sign the petition if you make a couple of corrections. The word, "libel" is used when you mean "liable." The next sentence should have a possessive in it: "Veronica White's futile . . ." This could be a good thing!

E said...

Finally, an editor.
I noticed both errors also, but when it was too late. That's what I get for being hasty.
It won't let me go in an make adjustments post-publication.

You'll have to trust me to fix it on the other end when it's ready to send out.