Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sanitation Contract Audits

Guess what?

An audit of our city's sanitation contracts reveals a pretty murky situation. Our contractors are either keeping horrendous records, or they're reluctant to show their hand.

Either way, it's hard to justify continuing to pay SDT, Metro, and Richards at their current rates.

I've published the audit, conducted by Councilwoman Head's staff.
It's a quick read and can be accessed here.

Veronica White has not done her job.

We could have 500 signatures on this petition demanding her dismissal by the end of the hour.


So now that we've succeeded in collected 500 signatures, how should we deliver them and when?

I have some ideas but what are yours?



Phase 1 complete. We have secured five hundred signatures. Thanks to everyone who signed, blogged, emailed their friends, etc.

There's more to do. Keep those suggestions coming. How do we deliver our petition?


Civitch said...

You just hit 500!!!

I think that the presentation of this petition should be in two venues: first, a press conference at 9:45 on the steps of City Hall. It's the day the council has to vote on the budget, so all the TV peeps will be there. Then, if you can actually go to the council meeting (or find a proxy), it should be read into the record during the public comment period.

This is our best chance to get rid of Veronica "Do What You Have to Do" White. (Really, Veronica? Okay!) And while I think that's unlikely, we might at least drive a stake through the heart of these corrupt, graft-ridden garbage contracts.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Congratulations! Way To Go!

How about stacked on top of a box of Hubig Pies, as a warning of at least "one next" step --should no heed be taken!

Thank you fo'hangin da'Hammer,

BD said...

Just further support for the argument that sanitation contract data should be published online:

Leigh C. said...

I second Civitch AND BD. Press conference it...AND online it.

Anonymous said...

no info provided for SDT - says a lot.

mominem said...

In the Sanitation Audit it says;

"May 2007 was created on June 11, 2007 - it was due June 10th 2007"

June 10, 2007 was a Sunday. Doing it on Monday seems perfectly reasonable.

I'd love to see the spread sheets published on Google Docs, so I could check to see if they are charging to pick up my garbage.