Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ringing In The New Era

A funny juxtaposition to think about as I collect myself for later analysis:

Last night I watched the returns with my "youthy" peers at One Eyed Jacks. DJ Soul Sister threw a giant victory party and it was a lot of fun.

Anyway, Soul Sister was properly drunk well before Ohio got called so you can try to imagine how things were by the time the networks had made the call.

While waiting for Obama to take the stage for his victory speech, she invited a couple of people on stage to speak. After that, she just threw her hands in the air and invited anybody who wanted to on stage to say what they were feeling, which was something awesomely normal to do on election night in the world's greatest democracy. DJ SS kept on handing me free drink tickets so I wasn't too far behind her in the lost inhibitions department and decided that I had something super important to say. I'll attempt to recreate what I said:

"I feel very privileged to be part of this moment and to be part of this movement. Louisiana didn't go our way tonight but we all got together to vote in Orleans Parish to change the leadership of this country. We need to recreate that here. In 2010 we have to reunite once more to change the leadership of this city when we get to elect a new mayor. I hope all of you will be part of that."

Anyway, I thought that was an important thing to say. I felt like it was a good idea to highlight the change we still seek at the local level. I'm sure it wasn't as stated as clearly as in my recollection of the moment but let's just pretend that I was confident, eloquent, and direct. Also let's pretend I was 6'3'' with rippling biceps and triceps.

My comments were pretty well received from my standpoint and I hopped off stage.

Then what my friends and I have nicknamed a "wooo girl" (think drunk co-ed at a tailgate party) got up to deliver her thoughts. Again, to paraphrase:

"I'm just so happy that Barack is President and that we won the election and beat John McCain. I'm super excited. Ohmygod I love him."

She may have delivered a more stirring sentence or two at the beginning there but the last line, especially her delivery, just cracked me up.

And it provided me something to chew on today as I reflect on where our country is going and where our progressive movement is going.

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amy said...

i was thinking the same thing this morning. that is, 'wooo, i just love him'. his nuanced expressions, his giant heart. the fact that he made hope cool again.