Friday, November 14, 2008

Respectfully, Jackie Clarkson. No Charge for Extra Deference

Jackie Clarkson responds to Nagin's email.

From WDSU:

Dear Mayor Nagin:

I am writing to acknowledge receiving your letter concerning the recent appearance of Sanitation Head Veronica White before the City Council Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for taking the time to address me directly about this issue.

You wrote in your letter that we should focus on recovery and not “allow mean-spirited accusations to destroy the integrity of hard-working public servants now or ever.” And I agree. I agree there should have been more professionalism exhibited in the Chambers Wednesday. But I respectfully disagree with your assessment of who was out of line.

Councilmembers, Mr. Mayor, are elected by the people to ask tough questions. Department heads are appointed to give accurate answers.

Although there ought to have been more civility displayed on both sides Wednesday, I strongly believe no department head should behave toward an elected representative of the people as Ms. White behaved toward Councilmember Head. Before sending you this letter, I reviewed the tapes several times, in addition to being present at the meeting myself. And it was Ms. White who made a professional conversation personal, accusing Councilmember Head of being motivated by a desire to malign the Sanitation Department and implying Councilmember Head was a crook and thief. Moreover, never once did I hear Councilmember Head pronounce any “race-baiting remark.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm my professional respect for you and the city’s department heads and make clear my determination to lead the council in acting in a civil manner toward the executive branch of government. I believe this best serves the people to whom my greatest loyalty belongs – the residents of New Orleans, who elected me to lead their council, and who expect and deserve representatives that will diligently weed through the budget.

I believe that you and I ought to discuss this incident, face-to-face, and move on for the sake of our residents and continued recovery.


Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson


New Orleans City Council

For Councilwoman Clarkson, this is pretty much throwing down the gauntlet.

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Anonymous said...

"For Councilwoman Clarkson, this is pretty much throwing down the gauntlet."

No joke. She has trying to play pattycakes with the administration and leaving Stacy Head out to dry until there's just no ignoring the truth.

Any kudos to her should be issued only because such attention *might* encourage her to do the same again when the next Nagin fiasco breaks.