Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No More Useless Truces - Dismiss Veronica White NOW

WWL is reporting that Mayor Nagin is meeting with Councilwomen Clarkson and Hedge-Morrell this evening to discuss last week's blowup involving Sanitation Director Veronica White.

The Mayor will likely offer some sort of detente arguing that the city can't afford to be distracted with allegation after allegation because it undermines this great recovery we're having.

Council and the Mayor have sparred on a number of occasions over the last 12 months or so. It always ends with some sort of worthless mutual understanding in which the Mayor concedes little or nothing.

That's not good enough anymore. The legislative branch is an equal partner in this and I'd like them to stand up and demand a serious concession from the Mayor's office.

Can Veronica White really continue in her current position and maintain ANY semblance of credibility with Council after this? She certainly has none with the public.

Later tonight or tomorrow morning, we should know something about what the Mayor discussed with the two Councilwomen.

In the mean time...

If you care about accountability in the executive branch, it is absolutely critical that you apply pressure now. Call and write your Council representative.

Sign this petition calling for the dismissal of Sanitation Director Veronica White

Help spread the word. Send a link to the petition to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

There is strength in numbers. When constituents get angry, Council notices. A lot of these cats want to run for higher office. They need us. So let's use that power.

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Schroeder said...

A serious concession (in addition to firing Veronica White).