Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How We Spend Our CDBG Money

Found some!

This time
, we're proposing to spend it on the LSU VA Hospital. Nearly $75 million.

We're using Community Development Block Grant money to demolish an existing community.


Rather than level that neighborhood, which contains scores of historic houses in both good and bad condition, these groups have pushed the VA to build its new medical center on the site of Lindy Boggs -- the vacant and deteriorating hospital a developer from Georgia is willing to sell. Such a move would not displace any residents or business owners.

In the same vein, the Foundation for a Historical Louisiana recently published an assessment by a Philadelphia architect who determined the state could renovate Charity Hospital into a modern medical center in less time and for less money than it would take to construct a new hospital from the ground up. The state disputed some of the findings in the study, and the foundation responded with its own rebuttal last Tuesday.

"The city, state and VA have chosen the most complex, most damaging, most costly and most time-consuming way to go about bringing back the LSU and VA medical centers," said Walter Gallas, the New Orleans field officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Indeed. Smart priorities, you guys.

You know, the LSU VA Hospital project is also being allocated nearly 60% of our 2007 economic development funds too.

Seems like if there's any way to throw money at this ridiculous Blakely pet project, we figure out how to do it.

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Anonymous said...

don't forget Alan Eskew is the consulting architect