Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey Neat

The petition calling for the dismissal of Veronica White is officially half way to its signature goal. It's only been a few days. That's not too shabby.

If you haven't signed it yet, why wait any longer?

And if you have signed already, have you emailed the link to all your friends, enemies, and frenemies?

Just because we're eagerly anticipating whether or not the next Council meeting will feature actual questions and actual answers or the revocation of microphone privileges doesn't mean we wait to organize. Quite the contrary. This is our time.

Dismiss Veronica White now.


Oyster makes a compelling case for why we should also organize against any more funding for crime cameras. We've got a 25 million dollar hole to climb out of. An end to maintenance funding yields about $1.6 million. What could we get back if we also then sold the equipment?
There must be some other dumb municipality out there willing to make the same mistake we did, right?

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