Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I have. It felt great. I voted for Barack Obama.

There was a tiny tiny line, I waited ten minutes.

On the national level, I've been checking on the twitter vote report for a snapshot.

TNR has a good rundown of some of the problem areas from around the country. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Mostly I'll be biting my nails.

How was your vote in Louisiana today? How long did you wait?

Here's a dissatisfied customer from Jefferson Parish:

Unfortunately, I witnessed a voter denied the right to vote in Jefferson
Parish, Louisiana this morning. I explained the proper procedure to the
poll worker who refused to abide by easily understood state law
regarding provisional ballots.

I then reported this to Jefferson Parish election officials who verbally
instructed the poll worker on proper procedure. Unfortunately, by this
time the voter had left the polling location, precinct 31 in Jefferson

This is a failure of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court, Jon
Gegenheimer, to properly execute his job. I plan to formally demand:

1. The removal of the poll workers of precinct 31 for any future
2. A written procedure from Jon Gegenheimer on the proper training and
assessment of all Jefferson Parish poll workers.


David Gereighty
2nd Vice Chair Jefferson Parish Democratic Executive Committee
Treasurer, Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee

Anybody else voting in Jefferson Parish today? What does it look like?


jeffrey said...

Twitter vote report strikes me as a minimally useful information source.

Anywho.. I waited about 20 minutes this morning. I hope all my candidates win. I understand that I win a prize if they do.

E said...

Yes, the TVR has flopped. I think the # language made it not so useful, though I like the idea and think it can work in the future. Though we may be able to post to our blogs from our thoughts by 2012.

jeffrey said...

OR we may be REQUIRED to

WWB said...

As long as you're watching Twitter, you might be interested in a site I'm involved with: http://anorangeamerica.com. We put it together for Tropicana (who made it possible) and it tracks the words people are using when they tweet about McCain and Obama, how often, and the relationships between them. Plus, it's updating live and picking up new phrases as they trend.

E said...

hmm. that's neat.

WWB said...

Glad you like. First site of this style we've built. Love to hear any other feedback if you have it.

Clay said...

I know Gereighty. He's a good man and a good engineer.