Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dismiss Veronica White Now

If you haven't signed yet but act quickly, YOU could be the 100th New Orleans resident to stand up against incompetence!

Sign the petition NOW!

The 250th name gets TWO free tickets to the public budget hearing of their choosing.
The 500th name gets to FOUR free tickets to the public budget hearing of their choosing.

Don't wait. Act Now. We'll throw in another moving treadmill thingie free of charge.


One person included a special message on his/her petition signature that asked why we don't yet have recycling services from our Dept. of Sanitation. I neglected to include this in my official points about Ms. White.

But why DON'T we have recycling services?


101 and counting...


alli said...

Remember this interview?

Elie: I need to ask this question again, because I am still not entirely sure of the answer. You say that curbside recycling is financially unviable and it is not reflective of 21st century technology. But if somebody came to you with a cost-effective proposal, you would still veto it based on the fact that curbside recycling is not a 21st century technology.

White: No, that's your term. That's not what I said.

Elie: Are there any circumstances that you would return to curbside recycling, even temporarily, any circumstances?

White: No, Lolis.

Elie: OK. That's all I wanted to know.

White: So I guess after your article I'll be called some more names in the paper.

That's why we don't have recycling.

We could be doing this instead, if not for Veronica White.

E said...

That interview was incredible.

Ms. White acts like recycling is some sort of revolutionary new discovery.

I don't know if there's another city in America of our size that doesn't offer curbside recycling.

I'd understand if it were 1987.

And my understanding was that the Mayor and Dr. Blakely wanted us to stop using the word 'recovery' this year. That would mean that Ms. White can no longer use it as an excuse for why we can't have basic recycling. Or why we have to pay double what Jefferson Parish does for regular garbage pickup.

Civitch said...

Funny, because her own bio on the city's website states:

As Director of Sanitation she is responsible for researching, developing, and implementing ***21st century*** curbside garbage collection, disposal, ***recycling*** and debris services for residential and commercial customers throughout Metro New Orleans.

Asterisks mine.


alli said...

Even my parents' dinky Chicago suburb along the Indiana border has recycling. And they're a dying town of 25,000 people. They've had curbside recycling since at least 1996.

It's total complete bullshit that we can't have it here. Pure fucking fantasy.