Thursday, November 06, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Takes Job With QVC

Here he is modeling a "a limited edition commemmorative coin depicting US President elect Barack Obama." Don't wait because they're selling fast.

In the next hour of our impulse Obama memorabilia special: Hummel figurines, needlepoint, commemorative plates, autographed baseball bats, and game-worn blazers and button-downs.

Note: What is my combined budget for Obama and Phillies World Series kitsch? $300? $2300?

I really do want those Campaign '08 hummel figurines. I'm going to recreate the Brokaw debate in a display case.


Kevin Allman said...

Obama? Looks more like Lloyd Haynes from "Room 222."

E said...

You're so right. Not an accurate portrait at all. I'll cancel my order.

jeffrey said...

T-P in on it too.

Leigh C. said...

What, no redux of the Civil War Chess Set, done all in pewter?